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Why Protecting Your Pillows are So Important?

Why Protecting Your Pillows are So Important?

What is a pillow protector?

A pillow protector is a protective cover that is placed directly on your pillow and will be used to protect it. Like your pillow, this cover can be square or rectangular. This cover is usually non-waterproof and made of cotton. However, there are also waterproof pillow protectors, or some that are made of polyester, Tencel, etc.

Whether on our site or in store, the pillow protector is also found under the mention of “under pillowcase”, “pillow cover” or “protective cover for pillow”.

But, what should you protect your pillow against?

When you sleep, you naturally sweat and your head constantly rubs against your pillow. These factors will accelerate the wear and premature ageing of your pillow, which is why it is necessary to protect it. At Epitex, our pillow protectors allow you to keep your pillows in the face of different types of attack, in particular against their yellowing due to the action of humidity, and against the development of bacteria and dust mites, responsible for bad odours.

Are the pillow protectors comfortable?

From the most breathable to the most absorbent, pillow protectors are real barriers to humidity. They absorb all liquids and dry quickly, avoiding cold and clammy sensations.

They offer you a healthier and more hygienic night. Made to provide you with a healthy sleep, the pillow protectors are pleasant in contact with the skin. All our pillow protectors are guaranteed OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, that is to say that they do not contain any chemical substance harmful to the skin and even to the environment.

The pillow protectors are designed with various materials, and more generally in cotton to bring you more comfort when sleeping. In general, to spend healthier and more hygienic nights, choose quality bedding protection items such as mattress protector, mattress cover, pillow protector and bolster protectors. The choice may seem difficult to make, but we are here to help you!


Why is using a pillow protector important?

Whether it's against bacteria, humidity, dust, or friction, your pillow needs protection if you want to keep it cleaner and longer.  Often forgotten, the pillow is nevertheless very present in the many activities you do in your room.

Your pillow, you use it when you're in bed playing on your smartphone, reading your emails while waiting for your night cream to dry, during a pillow fight, during your breakfast in bed, while you follow a Netflix series and above all, while you sleep.

Your pillow can therefore be stained with cream, oily hair, saliva, water, coffee, perspiration, make-up, foundation. All of these substances will very quickly damage and stain your pillow, sometimes irreversibly. Without a pillow protector, your pillow can quickly deteriorate due to the effects of humidity.

You may see yellow stains or mould stains appear on your pillow which will quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria. It is unhygienic and could cause health concerns. Therefore, you must choose a quality pillow protector. Thus, you are certain that your pillow is protected from the proliferation of mites and any other type of bacteria and by extension, you extend the life of your pillow.

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