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How to choose right mattress protector for you?

How to choose right mattress protector for you?

How to choose your mattress protector?

 The mattress protector is an essential accessory for your bedding. Its purpose is to extend the life of your mattress and prevent the appearance of odours or the development of bacteria. 

The mattress protector is placed between the fitted sheet and the mattress to protect the latter from stains. Its role is also to improve the comfort of the occupants of the bed, thanks to good capacities for absorbing humidity.

There are different types: in the form of a fitted sheet with elasticated corners, in the form of a tray or in the form of a cover for full protection. The temperature directly influences the choice of your mattress protector. In hot weather, the ideal is to opt for a very breathable mattress protector.

Also consider buying a mattress protector that is comfortable, quiet and easy to put on. The prices of mattress protectors vary widely. The more “top-of-the-range” features the product has (softness, waterproofness, elasticity, ease of maintenance, etc.), the more expensive it is. The price also depends on the dimensions and materials used. 

Which material to choose for your mattress protector?

Protecting your mattress is essential to extending its life and keeping you comfortable at night. In this regard, the mattress protector is very useful. The latter absorbs excessive perspiration, reduces the risk of allergies and prevents stains. The mattress pad can also come in addition thanks to its waterproof properties. Different choices of materials are available to you for your mattress protector:

  • Classic cotton mattress protector: classic but quality features
  • Jersey mattress protector: softer, lighter and stretchy
  • Terrycloth mattress protector: 100% cotton for optimal absorption
  • Fleece mattress protector: softer and softer feel
  • Sponge mattress protector: excellent air circulation
  • Microfiber mattress protector: quick drying and good stretch
  • Polyurethane pad: waterproof, flexible, light and silent
  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride) undersheet: waterproof but less breathable and silent than polyurethane

What other criteria for choosing your mattress protector?

If the material is an important selection criteria for your mattress protector, there are others.

For example, it is essential to pay attention to maintenance procedures. For practicality, it is advisable to opt for a machine washable mattress protector.

Indeed, this accessory must be washed very regularly in order to preserve the hygiene of your bedding and to limit the risk of allergies as much as possible.

In addition, like all household linen, mattress pads and mattress protectors can hold international labels (such as the Oeko-Tex label) or benefit from treatments with certain advantages (anti-mite, anti-bacterial, anti-shrinkage treatment …).

Finally, don't forget to select your mattress protector according to the size of your mattress. A mattress pad that is too large could, for example, be ineffective. On the same pattern, a mattress protector that is too small will not be able to adapt to your mattress.

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