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⛟ Enjoy Free Shipping on All Orders from July 1st to 31st, 2024!
Create This Look: The Simple and Elegant Bedroom

Create This Look: The Simple and Elegant Bedroom

We often find comfort in the bedroom, as our resting nest, and a place to unwind and recharge for the new day. That’s why some of us go the long way to design and decorate, to create that ideal safe haven of your imagination. And it all starts with some inspirations.

Bedroom Décor Preferences and Your Personality

The ideal bedroom requires just a little decorating magic, but it all boils down to your personality and preferences for it to feel just right. The optimal design of your personal space should be one that you resonate well with.

Who Might Take a Liking To This Style? 

If you are a tranquil and easy going soul with a dignified taste in life, the simple and elegant bedroom concept could be for you. It is a great balance of minimalism and simplicity, with a touch of elegance, allowing you to show off a little flare in your bedroom design. Weave in some of these decorating tricks and you could be living your dream.

Bolsters: For The Glamour and Function 

Bolsters serve as a great decorative accent, adding layers to your bed, and supporting the pillows to create a plush and posh look. Due to its simple cylindrical shape, it complements the pillows and softens the whole look of the bed. It is great for cuddling and snuggling up, which can help some get better shut eye with its soothing and comforting effect. For this purpose, the bolster blends in better than a soft toy, and helps the minimalistic and elegant demeanor stand out more.

Pregnant ladies may find bolsters useful in providing some relief to their back or their swollen ankles. This is because it can be used as a soft support for the back, raise the knees up for circulation or simply to hold the baby bump for her.

Quilts/Duvets: Opt For Clean And Simple Designs 

Having a liking for patterns and prints is a personal preference and that does not stop you from designing a simple and elegant bedroom for yourself. If you are using your quilt or duvet without a cover, opt for singular colours and minimal designs. The less sophisticated the design, the more refined and neater it looks.

Also take into consideration your sleeping habits, such as whether you prefer to sleep with or without the aircon. In Singapore’s weather, a light and thin quilt/duvet is much preferred but if you like to snooze in an icy cool room, a thicker and fluffier duvet will come in handy.

Choose Bed sheet Sets That Come With A Quilt Cover 

This makes it easier for you to coordinate the look of your bedsheets with the rest of the room. A bed sheet set that comes with quilt covers would likely be in the same colour, creating a uniform appearance for your bed, allowing you to focus more on other parts of the room that can accentuate the classy and elegant ambience.

Bedroom Elements For The Chic Finish 

Along with the use of expansive plain surfaces to deliver a clean look, round and curvaceous decorative can be utilised to punctuate the room’s smooth and solid appearance. That would act as a contrasting accent that would otherwise be underwhelming if the room boasts a busier and more sophisticated décor. Going for natural tones such as wood colours or cool grays are also great options for creating a neat and simplistic environment.

The perfect bedroom is never too far and out of reach. If you listen to your gut feel and pick up some inspirations along the way, you will have your very own space in no time.


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