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Blanket tips that will give you more shut eye

Blanket tips that will give you more shut eye

Ever woke up earlier than you need to, and getting frustrated that you can’t fall back asleep? Or find yourself waking up drowsy despite clocking in more than 8 hours of sleep? Snoozing long enough is important, but the efficiency of that shut eye is also the key to good sleep health, and blankets could be helpful in reducing sleep interruptions.

Blankets’ influence on sleep

In the warm tropical climate like Singapore, blankets might be the last thing on your mind. But here is why it could play a crucial role in ensuring you get the maximum shut eye you deserve.

Our natural body clock is influenced by environmental and bodily factors such as temperature. In a natural sleep cycle, as sleep hormones, melatonin, is released, our body temperature falls1.

Occasionally, depending on the weather and room temperature, our body temperature may fall lower than ideal, thus waking us up. This is where snuggling in a blanket could aid in regulating your body temperature and keeping you nice and cozy!2 That being said, temperatures that are too warm are also not ideal either, and warm sleepers should give more consideration in this area.

Know Yourself and Your Bedroom

It is hence important to know your sleeping style and needs to create your ideal cozy nest. Let’s break down the types of sleepers. Monophasic sleepers sleep once a day, often at night; biphasic sleepers sleep twice a day, while polyphasic sleepers sleep multiple times a day3.

The type of sleeper you are is dependent on one’s lifestyle needs and preferences. If you are a biphasic or polyphasic sleeper, you are likely to sleep in the day and at night and may not rest in your bedroom during all of your shut eye moments.

A lightweight packable blanket could be ideal for power naps that are not in your bedroom. Not only does it help block out light from your eyes, the habitual association it with rest can help ease you into deeper sleep, earning you more efficient shut eye.

Take into consideration your bedroom design as well, because as mentioned earlier, our sleep is highly influenced by our environment, such as light and temperature.

Keep your room cool as much as possible, by closing the blinds or curtains where the sun hits, and ventilating your room to avoid it from getting stuffy. Your bedroom environment will need to complement your choice of blanket in order to balance and maintain an optimal body temperature for more efficient sleep.

Know The Types of Blankets

  • Those with synthetic fillings are often light and easy to wash. Its siliconized hollow fibers contain more air for more warmth, insulation and temperature regulation. This is often made for summer and humid weathers.
  • Those with natural fillings feel luxurious and cozy. Extremely light and soft as well, it is naturally breathable, allowing the evacuation of perspiration. Often filled with down or feathers (that are treated against allergies and bacteria), natural fillings are capable of keeping you warm on cold nights and cool on stuffy nights. Just note that the higher the proportion of down, the lighter, fluffier, airier and warmer it will be. 

How Often Should You Change Them?

For hygiene purposes, this is recommended based on the type of filling used:

  • Every 4 years for synthetic filling
  • Every 10 years for a natural filling

Quilt Cover Choices

A quilt cover can be used which could extend the lifespan of your blanket, so long as you feel that it is still capable of regulating your body temperature when you sleep. A quilt covers often come together with a bed sheet set and comes in the same material as your fitted bed sheets.

This additional layer of fabric also plays a part in influencing your blanket’s temperature regulating abilities. Warm sleepers are recommended to go for bamboo sheets and Tencel bedsheet that are more efficient in dissipating heat from your body. If you had like the added cozy feel, go for cotton fabrics.

 Other Tips 

  • Go for a 100% cotton cover that will enhance breathability and the evacuation of humidity. Go for microfiber covers if you are in for the softer and plusher feel.
  • Look out for the ones that are treated against dust mites and bacteria. This will inhibit growth of microorganisms that could affect your sleep while prolonging the life of your blanket.
  • Stick to the recommended washing care indicated on the label. Try to use as little detergent as possible and avoid fabric softeners. Wash them in laundry bags to prevent clumping and add in some tennis balls to create space between the fabric which will fluff them up better. Otherwise, minimise washing and air dry it regularly!
  • Keep your room cool so that your blanket can do its magic
  • Give the quilt a good hug to feel if it physically fits your needs and preferences. Take note that since shops are often air-conditioned, it can feel starkly different when used under room temperature conditions. That is unless, you sleep with the air-conditioning on as well.

Despite the variety of choices out there in the market, both online and offline, it is always recommended to check out a few options and feeling them for yourself. Choosing a blanket is after all a personal choice and your physical touch will give you the most information on whether you like it or not.

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