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Tokidoki & Weighted Blankets: Pros and Cons

Tokidoki & Weighted Blankets: Pros and Cons

What is Tokidoki?

Tokidoki, which translates to “sometimes” in Japanese, is an internationally recognised and iconic lifestyle brand based on the vision of Italian artist Simone Legno and his partners, serial entrepreneurs Pooneh Mohajer and Ivan Arnold.

Tokidoki was created by an Italian "graffiti artist" very well known in the contemporary arts. Designer Simone Legno started his brand in 2003 in Los Angeles and quickly became very well known.

Today he can boast of collaborating for: Karl Lagerfeld, LeSportsac, Onitsuka Tiger, Marvel, New Era, Hello Kitty, Fujitsu, Levi's, Smashbox cosmetics, Xbox, T-mobile, Fornarina, Skullcandy and Medicom Toy. The Tokidoki characters are also those of a comic book. The drawings are inspired by graffiti, manga and also American comics. The style is particular and fun, it will appeal to young adults mainly.

For a few years now, Epitex has been collaborating with Tokidoki to create original and vibrant products made to decorate your home with a special twist. This collection is one of our best sellers, we strive to match the originality of the design with fabrics of the highest quality.

What is a weighted blanket?

It is a quilted blanket, made up from fibreglass balls, which usually weigh between 7 and 15 pounds. These sensory blankets were originally therapeutic tools in psychiatry for their calming benefits, especially on people with autism spectrum disorder, to allow them to focus on their physical sensations. We then began to realise its benefits on sleep, and to counter insomnia, anxiety and stress, among other things.

The pros and cons of the weighted blanket

Although this cover is not for everyone, one thing is clear: those who adopt it seem to be unable to live without it.

Among the advantages, we observe that it can greatly facilitate sleep. Many say they sleep like a baby, in addition to feeling more rested. However, others sleep so well that they find waking up much more difficult as they live their best nightlife under this cover! A real cocoon from which it can be difficult to get out once the dial rings.

When trying it, it's best to take it gradually at first, rather than do a whole night at once with this revolutionary new blanket. You may feel a bit oppressed before you get used to it and really appreciate it.

To feel all the benefits, it is better to place it so that the surface is flat, so that the weight of the glass fibres is evenly distributed on your body. One of the guinea pigs our team finds that, although the blanket is perfect for relaxing in front of the TV, an entire night together under this blanket is a real challenge for the couple.

In short, it varies greatly from one individual to another… and the preferences of their partner. You may love it and your better half hates it... You have to try it to find out. Let's say that if your boyfriend sleeps with his head under the sheets, with the weight of the weighted blanket, the sleep game changes.

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