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The Bamboo Collection: A Breathable Bed Sheet

The Bamboo Collection: A Breathable Bed Sheet

It is never pleasant to wake up in the middle of the night because of the humidity of your bedding. In order to be able to find a fresh and peaceful sleep, discover the properties of the antiperspirant bamboo fibre sheet. This natural material brings you all its softness thanks to a resistant and silky vegetable fibre. Order your Bamboo Bed Sheets now.

What are the traditional materials for sheets?

Traditionally, bedding is made of cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester. The origin of these raw materials is mainly from non-sustainable crops and its production is energy-intensive in terms of water and pesticides.

Linen and bamboo are more eco-friendly options for the composition of your antiperspirant sheet. Both have thermoregulatory properties. However, the rough aspect of linen can disturb and irritate certain skin types and its price remains expensive. Epitex has therefore chosen to offer you bamboo sheets  made from a natural, permanent and renewable material. Certified Oeko-tex standard, to guarantee a product free of any substance harmful to health.

Why is bamboo an ideal material for your antiperspirant sheet?

First, Our bamboo bed sheets Collection helps you stay dry thanks to its naturally thermoregulating composition which allows you to gain freshness during hot and humid nights. These properties are unique to bamboo fiber which requires fewer threads per square centimeter than cotton, for a pleasant touch. So you get cooling and lightweight sheets for a perfect sleeping experience!

In addition, the bamboo fiber allows moisture to be absorbed and then evaporated. Guaranteeing an antiperspirant effect.

Other properties of bamboo fibre

Bamboo fiber is not only thermoregulatory and antiperspirant, but it also has other advantages:

  • Hypoallergenic: This bed sheet is perfect for people prone to allergies or itchy skin. Indeed, bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-mite, which limits skin reactions.
  • Good for your skin: bamboo is excellent for slowing down the appearance of wrinkles or even preventing acne by limiting friction with your skin.
  • Extremely soft: sleep like a baby in luxurious bed linen with a softness reminiscent of silk. Wash after wash, the fiber softens further for a premium feel.
  • To find a restful sleep: the quality of sleep is also influenced by the quality of your bedding. Sleeping comfortably and without overheating will help you wake up energized.
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