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Hybrid Botanic Silk Bedsheets: An Remedy For Allergy Prone Sleepers

Hybrid Botanic Silk Bedsheets: An Remedy For Allergy Prone Sleepers

Many of us suffer from sleep problems: repeated nocturnal awakenings, snoring, difficulty falling asleep, daytime sleepiness and difficulty concentrating. But are these consequences of insomnia or an allergic reaction?

Allergy symptoms and sleep disorders are linked

About 3/4 of people with allergies suffer from sleep disorders. This makes sense, because continually blowing your nose, sneezing, having trouble breathing and suffering from allergy attacks do not allow for restful rest.

People sensitive to dust mites may have difficulty escaping their symptoms at night because the offending allergens are present in the pillow and mattress they sleep on. Even when allergy symptoms such as rhinitis (runny nose), sneezing, sinus pain, and itchy throat aren't severe, they can still disrupt sleep, ultimately affecting activities. daily.

Despite their prevalence, people with allergies, including dust mite allergy, often don't tell their doctor about their sleep issues.


Don't underestimate the effects of fatigue

We were all tired the day after a rough night. The effects of fatigue are well known: difficulty concentrating at work, daytime sleepiness, reduced productivity. Children with disrupted sleep patterns may be irritable, perform worse in school, and have a reduced ability to learn and retain information.

But when allergic rhinitis and other symptoms caused by dust mite allergy persist over time, these effects are compounded, which can lead to chronic insomnia, social repercussions and even mood disorders. In other words, chronic fatigue caused by the allergy reduces quality of life, overall health and well-being.

Use hypoallergenic bed sheets

Discover the incredible efficiency of our Hybrid Botanic Silk collection. The hydrophilic quality of Tencel and breathability of cotton fibres provide the best characteristics with our innovative blend Hybrid Botanic Silk collection. Aside from their softness and coolness properties, these natural fibres are extremely breathable and offer the added benefit of natural moisture-wicking properties. A naturally hypoallergenic product that is excellent for allergy-prone sleepers.

They are the perfect solution to eliminating dust mites from your bed in which you sleep an average of 8 hours per night and will help relieve your allergy symptoms.

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