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⛟ Enjoy Free Shipping on All Orders from July 1st to 31st, 2024!
Make Your Bedroom Into A 5 Star Hotel With our Hotel Collection Bedsheet

Make Your Bedroom Into A 5 Star Hotel With our Hotel Collection Bedsheet

Who wouldn't want to sleep in a luxury hotel every night? The sumptuous sheets, the big soft duvets, the cloud-like pillows… an absolute dream! What if you are told that you can recreate the experience at home, tempting right? Discover our few golden rules to transform your room to feel like you are sleeping at the Ritz every night.

Crisp white bed linen

You have probably noticed the lack of colour in the rooms of luxury hotels. Far from being a random choice, white bed linen give an immediate feeling of purity and freshness upon entering a bedroom. What could be nicer than curling up in nice, fresh, hotel sheets? To recreate the experience at home and sleep all year comfortably, opt for cotton percale or cotton satin bed linen. Particularly appreciated for their soft and delicate touch, these fabrics are the special fabrics used in the most luxurious hotels around the world.

A light duvet and many pillows
If hotel beds are so welcoming, it's because their duvets and pillows are completely filled with down. Naturally very light, down has a three-dimensional structure that gives your bedding a unique fluffiness (however, make sure you are not allergic). To make your bed like a real pro, you can accumulate pillows of different sizes (from the largest to the smallest) and arrange them in a perfectly symmetrical way. 

A perfect mattress
If you love the feeling of sinking into a cloud when you throw yourself on a bed, it's due to a quality mattress. To spend sweet and comfortable nights, you can use put on a memory foam mattress. Different layers of foam are interwoven with springs specially designed so that the mattress really adapts to the shape of your back. And if your mattress is still too firm, you can add a goose-down mattress topper that will send you straight to dreamland.

Soft lighting
Because the bedroom is the place where you recharge your batteries every night but also where you can read, dress, relax and even work, it is crucial to have the right lighting for all your needs. Functional when it's time to get ready, it will become milder at bedtime. Many hotels use different light sources with warm coloured bulbs (power less than 40 watts) bringing a warm feel to the room. This type of lighting is ideal for helping the brain relax at the end of the day and promoting sleep.

A soft and welcoming carpet

To give a cocoon aspect to your room, consider taking care of your floor. Every morning, get up on the right foot thanks to a bedside companion that is as decorative as it is soft and comfortable. Your feet will be grateful!

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