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Bamboo Bedding For Singapore

Bamboo Bedding For Singapore

n recent years, bamboo has become an essential raw material for the manufacture of various everyday products, such as textiles. In view of the multiple benefits of this material, we have decided to choose it as our main battle horse to bring daily well-being back to our homes.


Benefit #1

Extreme softness

A material that is pleasant to the touch is essential so that you can sleep peacefully and regain your well-being. This is one of the main properties of bamboo fibre.


Benefit #2


During sleep, a person loses an average of 500ml of perspiration per night. To prevent this feeling of humidity from waking you up at night, bamboo fibre absorbs five times more than cotton.


Benefit #3

Anti-bacterial and Hypoallergenic

It's no secret that bedding is a favourite place for dust mites and other bacteria. Thanks to the natural antibacterial properties, bamboo fibre protects your mattress against dust mites.


Benefit #4

Thermoregulatory properties

During your night, your temperature fluctuates slightly. With traditional bedding, you risk being either too hot or too cold. It is one of the main causes of nocturnal awakenings. Bamboo fibre is the ideal solution. Thanks to its thermoregulatory properties, it naturally regulates the temperature and thus avoids excessive fluctuations which risk waking you up.


Benefit #5

Elastic and Resistant

Bamboo fibre and memory foam are the ideal combination to ensure perfect comfort and adapt to your morphology. The elasticity of the bamboo fibre allows it to accompany your body



Here at Epitex, we only offer you healthy products that help you achieve your well-being naturally. After learning about bamboo fabric, discover the unlimited benefits bamboo charcoal



What is a Bamboo Charcoal pillow? What is the difference between the latter and bamboo fibre? Before explaining all this in detail, let's take a look at the properties of each material.




The importance of the pillow for sleep


As long as we sleep on average one day out of three of our lives, we might as well do it well, even in the spring! It is therefore crucial to sleep properly. Thus we are going to devote this blog article today with a focus on the importance of choosing the right pillow.


Pillows are omnipresent in bedding stores and online stores, each promoting the virtues of this or that filling. While natural materials have been on the rise for a long time, some keep their promises better than others. This is the case of Bamboo Charcoal. But what is it exactly? Before explaining the benefits of bamboo charcoal, let's take a closer look at the properties of this special material.



Bamboo Charcoal


It is actually bamboo that has been burned by a pyrolysis system to obtain charcoal which will then be crushed to obtain a fine powder: bamboo charcoal. It turns out to have a much higher porosity than any other plant based carbon. Indeed, the structure of bamboo differs significantly from the structure of other plants. This higher porosity results in a larger contact surface between the bamboo charcoal and the external environment. Thus the molecules and the water vapour have an increased probability of being fixed in bamboo charcoal by chemical or electrostatic bonds. And this is the whole point of this material in the manufacture of bedding items. Once agglomerated with the molecular structure of the polyester making up the filling of pillows and duvets, it significantly increases the deodorising, purifying and humidity-regulating properties. And the advantages and health benefits of these duvets and pillows are numerous.


Moisture absorption


The structure of bamboo charcoal is composed of a multitude of micro-pores that regulate the humidity levels. Thus, bamboo charcoal has a very high absorption capacity. It also contributes to the creation, in the bedroom, of a healthy, pleasant atmosphere conducive to restful sleep.


Neutralisation of odours and absorption of pollutants


Charcoal neutralises bad smells, of cigarette smoke, of the human body, food or even  medication.


Antibacterial properties


The process of odour absorption is combined with the regulation of humidity. Therefore, it stops the proliferation of bacteria, themselves the cause of allergies. A bedding made with bamboo charcoal “self-maintains” naturally.


Reflection of infrared and release of negative ions


Bedding made with bamboo charcoal has the particularity of reflecting the infrared rays emitted by the human body. Because of this, it can adjust the blood circulation in the capillaries of the skin. Bamboo carbon also releases negative ions beneficial to relaxation during your sleep.


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