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How to care for your bedsheets in Singapore?

How to care for your bedsheets in Singapore?

Getting the best bedsheets is a very good idea, especially if you want to sleep well and without any problems. However, Singapore is known for its hot and humid climate. Hence, caring for your bedsheets is crucial to keep them fresh ano long lasting. Here are some tips to follow:

Washing frequency

This depends on your own appreciation. It’s a good idea to wash your bedding at least once every 2 weeks. It’s better to use suitable detergent to avoid spotting and discoloration on colored fabrics. Do not overload your washing machine, as that can hamper the durability of your bed linens and sheets. Wash in lukewarm water if possible, if you use heated water, the pores of those fibers will open up and cause the fabric to harden.


Leave the bedsheets to air dry for longer durability especially for the sheet that needs special care like Tencel and Modal. Air drying might take some time to complete properly, but it really works and that’s the approach that really matters for you at the end of the day. Make sure that if you are one that will need to sun-dry all sheets, try to avoid the direct sun if possible. 

Care instructions

Follow the care label instruction. Avoid very fast washing speeds and tumble drying. Do not leave the sheet in the washing machine, take them out to air dry or sun it once you have spin dry it.


Ensure your sheets are completely dry before folding and storing, Singapore’s humidity is ruthless, you might find mold and mildew forming in a week or two. Allow plenty of ventilation for the sheets and avoid packing together too tightly during storage. Air circulation is important to maintain freshness and prevent foul smell.



To maximize your investment in the sheet, these tips will make the process simpler and more convenient all the time. Singapore’s weather can make everything tricky and challenging, but it all comes down to cleaning and washing them often, checking for any damage and also keeping them away from direct sunlight.

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