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Decorate Your Bathroom Safely With Non-Slip Floor Mats

Decorate Your Bathroom Safely With Non-Slip Floor Mats

The non-slip mat is one of the essential bathroom accessories. Available in many designs, it not only brings a decorative touch to the room. Here are its advantages.


A non-slip floor-mat is much more than a decorative element that brightens up the floor of your bathroom or the bottom of your bathtub or shower. Indeed, this type of carpet has many advantages that make it a real essential in the bathroom.


The different types of non-slip bathroom mats


The non-slip bathroom mat is available in many versions, for the floor, the bathtub or the shower. The one that is placed on the ground is suitable for leaving the shower or the bath. It is positioned as desired and absorbs water quickly, to have dry feet in a few moments. The non-slip bathroom mat for the shower or the bathtub is installed directly at the bottom of the toilet. Thanks to its suction cups, it attaches to the wall and prevents accidental slips. It can be matched with bathroom accessories, like the shower curtain.


Where should the non-slip floor mat mat be placed?

The location of the non-slip bathroom mat depends on the model chosen and the needs. So, in your shower, place a non-slip mat at the bottom of the tray. To secure your bath, place a suitable model at the bottom of the bath, where you usually sit. The models for the floor are generally placed in front of the shower, the bathtub or the vanity unit. You can also place several across the room, to make a decorative reminder. If you choose a model with the same dimensions as the shower or the bathtub, you will be able to place it in only one way. On the other hand, if you opt for a small non-slip mat, it is easy to position it as you wish, where it will be useful.


Adorn your bathroom with non-slip floor mats

Non-slip floor mats designs are so diverse that makes it easy to find the one that suits the decor of the room.

They can be plain or multicolored, decorated with flowers, shells, geometric shapes, marine animals... They are also available in many colors. A rug in bright tones decorated with playful patterns can also be a good way to convince the most stubborn children to take a bath or a shower! Depending on the desired decorative effect, you can choose a design that highlights the floor mat, or otherwise rely on discretion. In the first case, do not hesitate to opt for a color that contrasts with the tiles of the floor and the bathtub: yellow to give a note of cheerfulness to a gray background, turquoise to make a white decor sparkle... In the second case, choose a rug with small tiles to match those in the bathroom. Neither seen nor known! To arrange a small bathroom, prefer a sleek model, round or square in shape, with a bright color. But you can also play around with the volumes by installing a rectangular non-slip bathroom floor mat, perpendicular to the bathtub. The surface separating the latter from the entrance will seem much deeper!

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