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⛟ Enjoy Free Shipping on All Orders from July 1st to 31st, 2024!
Choose The Perfect Bolster For You

Choose The Perfect Bolster For You

Choosing your bolster is not always easy. There are lots of models on the market: firm, soft, flat, in memory foam, in polyester... To help you see more clearly, we will answers all the questions you have about bolsters.


What is a bolster used for?


But first, what is a bolster? It is a long cylindrical cushion that is placed at the head of the bed. Combined with a pretty bolster case, it has an undeniable aesthetic appeal. It helps you straighten your pillows, makes your bed more beautiful, more welcoming and more comfortable.

Is it okay to sleep with a bolster? Yes ! Not only will it be the ideal companion for more pleasant nights, but it also offers many benefits. It can be of great help to pregnant women: put in a lateral position, it will help you reduce the weight of your belly. If you suffer from heavy legs, the bolster is ideal: placed where you put your feet, it will allow you to raise them to improve blood circulation.

But then, bolster or pillow? To raise your legs, the bolster is much more practical. If it is to lay your head down, the pillow is more suitable. The two are complementary: they form a team dedicated to your comfort, whether for sleeping or watching a series at the bottom of your bed.


How to choose the right bolster?


The material

Choosing the right material is not necessarily easy. If you are sensible to sustainability, know that there are ecological bolsters filled with recycled fibres, or natural materials which do not contain harmful chemicals. If you suffer from allergies, there are anti-dust mite bolsters that will prevent you from sneezing or having red eyes when you wake up. In general, if you are prone to these problems, you should avoid feathers and turn to synthetic filling. If you often have neck pain or if you suffer from cervical problems, opt for a memory foam or ergonomic bolster. This one will perfectly fit the shape of your body and will avoid shifts with your spine. The composition of your bolster case will define the level of comfort of your nights. Make sure to choose it wisely! Not all fabrics are created equal, and a poor quality pillowcase can turn your nights into nightmares in the short and long term.


The firmness

A firm bolster is not necessarily better quality than a soft one. You just have to choose the right density. If you usually sleep on your back, a firm bolster will help you avoid neck pain by aligning it better with your spine. But then, which bolster to sleep on your stomach? In this case, a soft model or a flat bolster will avoid creating gaps between your cervicals and your spine. This type of bolster is just as effective as an ergonomic pillow. Forget the pain in the neck and put all the chances on your side to spend good restful nights! Finally, to sleep on your side, choose a rather firm bolster. It will help you offset the width of your shoulders, so that your head is aligned with the rest of your body. We can never repeat it enough: this parameter is essential for sleeping well.


Check out our range of bolster cases in various fabrics and colours, matching the bed linen, with a sheath finish and dressed in elegant (and practical) ties at the ends. Soft and comfortable, classic or modern: the choice is yours!

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