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⛟ Enjoy Free Shipping on All Orders from July 1st to 31st, 2024!

Epitex Hotel Collection Diffuser 150ml

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Tap into various snippets of the world’s classiest and most luxurious experiences. Immerse in a variety of magical moments and serenity to transform your space into an uplifting one.


  • Diffuser base oil
  • Dipropylene Glycol
  • Scented essential oil 

How To Use:

  • Place reed sticks into the bottle for a few minutes to absorb diffuser oil.
  • Flip the sticks over so that the dry ends are in the bottle and the saturated ends are facing up.
  • Spread your reeds out as much as possible to let air circulate between them.
  • Flip the reeds periodically (around once a week) to keep the scent strong.
  • The number of reeds used determines how light or strong the scent is (recommend starting with 2 to 3 reeds).
  • Last for 3-4 months 



Be deeply enchanted by this powdery scent, and step into a world of timeless elegance Soak in the atmosphere of grandeur and sophistication, like a graceful dance in a grand ballroom. Delicate mist gracefully mingles in the air, carrying with it, flowery and fruity notes like a captivating melody

Primary Scents: Fresh, fruity with oriental floral ending with powdery woody musk.


Stroll through a lush oasis, carrying the essence of Eden. Savour the timeless allure of a flourishing orchard in full bloom. As the scent evolves, just like the changing seasons, it unfolds a symphony of scents, where vibrant fruit trees and blossoms intertwine in harmony.

Primary Scents: Crisp, citrus, gardenia and green notes of musk and moss.


Immerse yourself in a sensorial journey that evokes the mystique of the East and the calming woosh of the sea. Occasional pulses of jasmine and peony creates an ambience redolent of an oriental tea house.

Primary Scents: Sweet and soothing notes of citrus sea water. Jasmine and peony, followed by the scent of amber musk.


Soak in the scent of moss-covered earth and sun-kissed blooms, bringing to you the essence of an enchanted forest. Be awakened by a symphony of delicate florals and woody undertones for a sense of timeless strength and harmony between nature and spirit.

Primary Scents: Enticing camellia, jasmine and green tea blend shine over a base of Siberian woods and oak moss


A tantalising symphony of fragrant fruits and lush foliage, wrapping you in an enigmatic embrace. The essence of nature’s abundance and vibrance in the air ignites your world in a dreamy blend of rich greens and magical secrets

Primary Scents: A complexity of rich green and fruity top notes end with a mysterious woody   undertone.


    A sensory masterpiece, where a field of wild flowers bloom right before you. As the petals unfurl, an invigorating blend of sweet citrus envelops you, igniting your inner child.

    Primary Scents: Refreshing and calming scent of sweet citrusy blends beautifully with ambergris flowery ending notes.