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⛟ Enjoy Free Shipping on All Orders from July 1st to 31st, 2024!

Epitex Haute Diffuser Gift Set | 100ml

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Indulge your senses in a symphony of opulent scents with the Epitex Haute Diffuser Gift Set – a luxurious offering that transcends the ordinary.



  • Intensely Aromatic Profiles: Immerse yourself in the robust fragrance medley of Oakwood's earthy allure, the serene embrace of White Lotus, the enchanting dance of Cassia Fantasy, and the delicate whispers of Cherry Blossom. This collection is crafted for those who appreciate a stronger, more profound olfactory experience.
  • Extended Fragrance Elegance: Elevate your ambiance with scents that linger. Our Haute Diffuser Gift Set is meticulously designed to provide an enduring fragrance experience, persisting for an impressive 5-6 weeks. Every whiff is a testament to the enduring luxury you deserve.
  • Aromatic Symphony Unleashed: The Haute Diffuser Gift Set is not just an assortment of scents; it's an aromatic symphony. Let the Oakwood ground your senses, the White Lotus soothe your soul, Cassia Fantasy captivate your imagination, and Cherry Blossom infuse a delicate charm into every moment.
  • Luxury in Every Detail: Epitex takes pride in presenting an exquisite diffuser set encased in packaging that mirrors the opulence within. Elevate your decor with a touch of grandeur and transform your living space into a sanctuary of sophistication.
  • Haute Couture Fragrance: Redefine your olfactory experience with fragrances that embody the epitome of haute couture. The Epitex Haute Diffuser Gift Set offers a curated blend, where stronger notes meet enduring elegance, creating an ambiance that resonates with refined living.


Envelop your surroundings in the rich tapestry of Oakwood, White Lotus, Cassia Fantasy, and Cherry Blossom. The Epitex Haute Diffuser Gift Set is your invitation to a world where fragrance becomes an art form. Elevate your senses and your space – experience enduring luxury today.



100ml Diffuser & Reed Stick in beautiful box


Usage Instructions 

Step 1: Place the stick into the bottle to absorb the fragrance oil for a day.

Step 2: After the end of the stick has absorbed the fragrance oil, turn the stick around and put the dry end of the stick into the bottle.

Step 3: After the stick has absorbed the fragrance oil, it will then release a subtle and delicate aroma into the atmosphere that lasts 5 to 6 weeks. Flip the stick occasionally for a stronger scent diffusion.