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Wrap Yourself In The Perfect Towel

Wrap Yourself In The Perfect Towel

It is essential to carefully choose your bath towel to benefit from the necessary comfort when leaving the shower or bath. The question that arises is: which towel to use for the body? Certain essential criteria must be taken into account to guide you in your choice. Find out which ones


It is important to choose your bath towel carefully. To do this, certain criteria must be taken into account and will guide you in your selection to ensure all the comfort, softness and warmth you expect, such as:


The fabric

Terry cotton is the most common material. It is soft, natural, supple and absorbent all at the same time. This material is preferred for quick and gentle drying after the shower. As for combed cotton, it offers great softness to the touch and is stronger than plain cotton yarn. There is also bamboo fiber. These bamboo fiber towels are highly prized for their fluffiness and softness, and are ideal for sensitive skin. For cotton towels, our VIOGUARD towels are woven from 100% cotton, treated with Swiss textile technology VIOGUARD protection which is proven 99.99% effective against viruses and bacteria. You can yourself with luxury and softness as soon as you get out of the shower. Also, for our humid weather, discover our Clean Max Pro towels: long-lasting deodorizing, soft, and gentle to the skin, the Epitex anti-odor bath towel is an antibacterial towel with a treated fiber. Clean max Pro enables the fiber to neutralize and decompose with a large number of odor molecules in a short period of time, and eliminate a large number of odor molecules. Since the function of the molecular structure is combined at the raw material stage, deodorization will last even after multiple washes. In addition to their aesthetic appearance, our  towels are light and guarantee quick drying. These towels dry quickly and are very light.


Which towel to choose for the body?

Being a natural fiber, cotton can be suitable for the skins of babies, children and adults. Also, cotton towels are easy to care for. Made from fine cotton long fibers, they are soft and smooth to the touch. In addition to being light and soft, they are easy to maintain. They have the advantage of not deforming, regardless of the frequency of use. The choice of your bath towel also depends on your skin type. Sensitive skin will turn more to a bamboo fiber towel for its softness and fluffiness. However, the cotton terry towel has a longer drying time and therefore meets all the conditions (humid environment) to promote the development of bacteria and mold. It should therefore be changed at best every 3 uses.

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