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The Many Uses Of A Bolster

The Many Uses Of A Bolster

What is a bolster used for: comfort in all circumstances!


Pillow or bolster, why choose? The bolster is a comfort supplement that can have many advantages. 


Additional head support from the bolster

The first use of the bolster is to provide additional support to that of the pillow. Some people like to sleep with their head very high up. If you sleep on your side, you need a very thick pillow to compensate for the width of your shoulders. This is especially true for people with large builds. A desk bolster, for example, is flat on the underside and forms a small slope. It is simply intended to raise the headboard. When you have a cold, it is also very advisable to sleep with your body slightly tilted, your head up!

Lateral support

If you are used to sleeping on your side, you may be prone to lower back pain. Indeed, this position often involves a twist of the pelvis. To avoid this problem, one can snuggle up against a bolster, with one leg placed on top. The pelvis thus recovers naturally straight and tensions in the lower back are avoided. Using a bolster in this way is also synonymous with optimal comfort for some people! As we will see below, this position also helps relieve the weight of the belly during pregnancy.

An ally against heavy legs

You can also find the bolster very useful against heavy legs. Especially if you sleep on your back! It is, in fact, advisable to sleep with your legs slightly elevated to promote blood circulation. A small bolster, or folded in half if it is flexible enough, can be easily placed under the knees.

Comfort when seated

Finally, the bolster is also an additional comfort for all your activities while sitting in bed. It allows you to better support your back when you read or watch your favourite series. Fans of breakfast in bed also greatly appreciate leaning on a bolster to straighten up.


Use a bolster to replace your pillow



A matter of preference 

The duffel is part of traditional bedding in many countries around the world. For example, in some Asian countries, the bolster is used more than the pillow. It evokes the family bond, the parent against whom we snuggled up as a child.

Have you ever replaced your pillow? You know this is a perfectly viable solution! Comfort is always a question of preferences... It is quite possible to use a bolster as a pillow to spend very good nights. This choice can be made because of the size of the bolster: longer, it allows you to turn over during the night without having to move it as you have to do with a pillow.

Note that if your partner prefers his pillow, you can always opt for a 1 person bolster.


Which bolster to replace a pillow?


If you plan to permanently store your pillow, pay attention to the bolster that will replace it. A flat bolster, rectangular in shape like an elongated pillow, will be the most suitable for this purpose. Remember, for every sleeper, there are bolsters whose filling mixes natural and synthetic materials. 

The decorative utility of the bolster

It is part of the traditional bedding accessories. It is hard to imagine a bed in a large hotel without this essential element. It completes the headboard of the bed and allows you to harmoniously straighten the pillows or decorative cushions.

A beautiful, welcoming bedroom in a decorative atmosphere that we like is also a factor of quality sleep. We sleep well where we feel good. A beautiful bed promises a beautiful night!


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