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Essential oils for a good night's sleep

Essential oils for a good night's sleep

There are many ways to sleep better. And if we still think too often about medicine, nature for its part, has planned everything to overcome sleeping disorders. Herbal teas, for example, can help but not only. Have you ever tried essential oils? Also called aromatic essences, they have many virtues and some of them can come to the rescue of people having trouble sleeping.


Essential oils and sleep

There are several ways to use aromatic essences. In massage, on a neutral tablet, in honey or by inhalation ... It all depends on the oil used. Because the key is knowing which oils to use in order to best target your needs and, in the end, actually achieve better sleep. Even though we are going to give you some advice in the following article, do not hesitate to seek the advice from your doctor or pharmacist to learn about any possible side effects.

Chamomile oil

Used in herbal tea, chamomile is also found in the essential oils department and is therefore also very popular for its calming properties. It can thus also be used for vaporisation in the chamber. Perfect for relieving stress and anxieties, chamomile can also be used as part of a massage. A drop on the back and voila!

Lavender oil

Recognisable among a thousand thanks to its smell, lavender has been used for a very long time for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also one of the top essential oils for good sleep. Lavender also has a very popular calming power. The fact that its smell is rather pleasant does not spoil anything. You can therefore use lavender essential oil in bath water or in herbal tea for a guaranteed anti-stress effect. It can also be diffused in a room to take advantage of its de-stressing properties. The oil can be applied as a massage on the temples in case of migraine or simply to make it easier to fall asleep. The power of lavender is sometimes compared to a light sleeping pill, this is how effective it is!

Clary sage oil

Less well-known than chamomile, lavender or basil, the aromatic essence of clary sage has been used since the dawn of time to cure all kinds of illnesses. It has been found to be particularly efficient to find sleep. It acts as a mild anti-anxiety medication and promotes a return to calm at bedtime. Recommended for people who are particularly tense, stressed and nervous, it is so effective that it is recommended not to use it before hitting the road. 

Marjoram oil 

Particularly recommended for people with anxiety, this essential oil promotes sleep, reduces stress and soothes. Ideal in bath water after a difficult day, it allows a smooth return to a certain form of serenity. It can also be combined with chamomile, lavender and clary sage broadcast in the bedroom to ward off any risk of insomnia.

Try these oils a bit! Restful sleep is within reach. There are many natural remedies for falling asleep and they are also very effective for simply relaxing. On a good mattress, far from the hustle and bustle, find Morpheus in the blink of an eye for the whole night.
Please note that these oils should not be used during pregnancy. Ask your doctor for advice.
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