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3 Techniques To Put Your Quilt Cover Effortlessly

3 Techniques To Put Your Quilt Cover Effortlessly

Let's face it: putting on a quilt cover is a real hassle. Among the most painful household chores to perform, putting on your bed linen undoubtedly comes in pole position. Fortunately, there are a few tricks to put on your quilt cover easily without getting tangled up in it.


The reverse cover technique 

Last method to manage to change your quilt cover easily without the fuss: the technique of the cover upside down. To start, place the quilt on your bed, then turn the cover inside out. Slip your arms into the cover to grab the corners opposite the opening, before grabbing the corners of the quilt with each hand. Then, turn the cover over and shake vigorously until it is perfectly put on.


The burrito technique


Here is a simple and effective technique which consists of rolling up your quilt cover like a burrito. The principle? Spread the cover all the way upside down on the bed, then place the quilt on top before rolling the two together to form a burrito. Once the sausage has been formed, all that remains is to integrate the two ends of the duvet to imprison it inside the cover. We unroll and voila!


The pliers technique


The clothespin method is not widely known. Yet it remains one of the most effective techniques. As you can imagine, you will need to have clothespins on hand to be able to reproduce it. First, lay the quilt cover flat over the entire surface of your bed. Also note that it is imperative that the head of the bed corresponds to the closed side of the cover. Next, fold your duvet so that it takes the shape of an accordion. As a result, you can thread the two corners of the duvet into the cover, then secure them with the clothespins. Once done, gently take the two attached corners and shake them very hard. During this time, the duvet will descend gradually, until it occupies the entire surface of the cover. You can then tuck its lower ends into it and shake one last time to evenly distribute the duvet. Finally, remove the clips and your duvet will be ready to use.


And there it is, hopefully our tips will save you time when changing your sheets!

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