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Give your bedroom a cosy feel

Written by Digital Marketing


Posted on August 31 2020

The bedroom should be the most comfortable place in your home! Why ? Because you spend a third of your life there! The size of the room does not matter, a well appointed tiny bedroom can be very comfortable, the main thing is to arrange it in a way that will make you feel amazing.


  1. Focus on your bedding

Avoid cluttering your bedroom with plenty of unnecessary items. This space should help you relax and clear your mind before a good night sleep. The bed is the first element you notice in the bedroom. Often covered with simple sheets and pillows, we tend to forget to spread a blanket on it. Favourise a more intense colour than the sheets, to make it stand out, giving the room warmer and cosier look. For the rest of your bedding, select pretty patterns and beautiful colours. Vary the patterns everywhere for a mismatched effect, or work in touches: solid colours throughout and patterned cushions, for example.


  1. Pamper your feet

Feeling the cold ground under your feet every morning is definitely not pleasant. So, consider adding a nice, cozy rug to your bedroom. It is a great decorative element that will warm up your space in no time. Long or short haired, wool or cotton, plain or patterned, it's up to you! Place it around your bed, so it will muffle noises and make every morning worth waking up.


  1. Decorate your walls

The cozy and warm atmosphere can also be created with a suitable wall decoration. In order for you to be able to relax in peace, the choice of appropriate decorative elements and accessories is very important. Avoid experimenting too much with colours and keep everything sober, rather classic. Think about installing a small shelf to store a few books and hang up your favourite paintings… All these elements decorate without cluttering while giving your bedroom character.


  1. Prioritise warm colours

Choose wood, wicker, rattan, natural materials that provide warmth. A nice wicker headboard for example, which will be matched with a small wooden bedside table, and you're good! Also, think about adding subdued and soft lighting that will deposit a beautiful golden glow on your skin and provide a warm atmosphere.


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