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NOTES x Epitex: Home Fragrances

Written by Ecommerce Op


Posted on November 13 2020

The beauty of relaxation lies in the simple things. For a moment we are taken out of this world into a special space within our minds, a secret haven of complete serenity. A gaze at the rain, the sound of birds singing, moments like these are essential to our well-being, they allow us to clear our thoughts and face the struggles of our lives with a better perspective. At Epitex, we are always looking for new products that will improve our lives by granting us those small instants of relaxation throughout the day. This time, we want to engage your senses and enhance your interior by exploring the world of home fragrances.


NOTES Interior Perfume  


This is why we bring you, all the way from Europe, NOTES interior perfumes. Made in the USA and designed in the Netherlands, this Dutch brand offers a variety of 10 different fragrances. Each perfume has been carefully crafted to offer modern fragrances composed of a blend of delicious notes ranging from Watery Greens & Lime to Smoked Amber & Wood.

Three different diffusers are available. For smaller spaces such as a dressing room or a closet, we recommend using a sachet, it is a great way to give a fine scent to your clothes and make you happy each time you dress up. Furthermore, you won’t need to worry about replacing them too often as each sachet lasts up to 4 months. For the rest of your house, you have the choice between perfume sticks or candles. The preference is very personal. However, it is important to know that candles have stronger scent when lit and once extinguished the perfume will slowly fade as the wax gets colder, whereas perfume stick are lighter and but will keep a subtle scent for 60 days. If you prefer candles, three different sizes are available to you each with a specific burn time: small (30-40 hours), medium (80-90 hours), large (110-120 hours).

Home fragrances are filled with benefits. They help unwind after a busy day by relieving stress and anxiety. Selecting a pleasant scent for your interior that will put you into the right mood is essential. Scent also has an intimate relationship with memory. We never forget a nice smell and all the beautiful moments that are associated with it. You will notice that using something as simple as a home fragrance, can help create the perfect atmosphere and provide last touch to make your house feel more like home.


Now available in our Westgate, Jurong Point2, Funan Mall, Tampines stores!