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Guided Meditation: What is it?

Written by Ecommerce Op


Posted on October 19 2020

We all know that meditation is filled with benefits. It helps us relax and let go of the stress of the day, to focus on what is essential and better control our emotions. However, it is not enough to sit cross-legged and close your eyes to be able to meditate. If you have tried it before or if you practice it regularly, you know that meditation is a learnable art.

This is where guided meditation comes in: it is there to help you take your first steps into the world of meditation.


What is it?

Guided mediation is primarily intended for beginners. By offering step-by-step support in the first meditation experiences, it serves as a support for those who do not know how to do it or who are just afraid of doing wrong.

Sessions can take place both in groups, in the presence of a guide, or alone, using an app or video. In all cases, a voice will guide you throughout the session. With an often calm and slow intonation that will call for relaxation, it will help you reach the right state of concentration and relaxation to let yourself go in a meditative state.

The voice will tell you how to do each step so that you are free from thinking about it yourself. The objective is to help you get through an entire meditation session without giving your mind a chance to wander around and wonder all the time if you are doing it right.


What are the benefits?

First, it makes meditation accessible to everyone. No prior knowledge is required to start guided meditation. Also, by taking us by the hand, it allows us to discover a world that can seem intimidating at first.

By accompanying us and showing us the path to follow from the start, guided meditation makes it possible to break down the many barriers that we can put up in front of us.

It helps taking a first step towards meditation. But, more importantly, it helps us to do it properly. Step by step, we learn the main concepts in order to follow them on our own. It teaches us find the right posture, the right breathing, and what to focus on during a session. Nothing is left out, so you can be sure you're learning without any missteps.

Finally, guided meditation is responsible for answering, implicitly or explicitly, all the questions that often challenge our concentration during our first sessions resulting in an ability to focus on the essentials instead of letting your mind be filled with questions that might go unanswered.


Remember that just a few minutes of meditation a day can be enough to promote your personal development. Meditating helps you feel calm and relaxed. In addition, it will help you achieve happiness, accept yourself and answer your questions. In addition, these are small habits that have big effects in the long term.