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Green tea, a delicious and healthy drink

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Posted on January 22 2021

Since the dawn of time, green tea has provided humans with unsuspected benefits and resources. With a more or less pronounced green colouring depending on the variety, green tea leaves are quickly dried after picking. Across Asia, there are a multitude of types of green tea and methods of brewing.
Green tea is filled with catechins, a type of molecule derived from polyphenols, known for their antioxidant properties. They helps us improve our lifestyle by pushing back ageing and serious diseases. Science has already proven the many benefits of green tea such as helping in weight loss and cleansing the body.

A simple alternative to the Philosopher’s Stone

For more than 20 consecutive years, Japan has been the country with the longest life expectancy. One of the factors behind this exceptional lifespan is the regular consumption of green tea. Japan is in 1st place in the consumption of green tea with an average of 650g of tea per person, over a year. 
When our body is in a "harmful" environment, following exposure to stress, ultraviolet rays or even excessive sports activity, it produces active oxygen which will degrade our cells. The antioxidant effect of catechins helps slow down the ageing process of these cells.

A natural relaxant

In tea leaves, there is a large amount of amino acid called theanine. Thanks to its relaxing and calming properties, we are able to naturally fight stress and anxiety, while feeling a boost of energy that will increase concentration and stimulate your immune system.

Efficient for oral hygiene

Unlike coffee, red wine, or black tea, green tea is recommended for oral health. The catechins (polyphenols) that compose it help reduce the acidity of saliva and dental plaque, and therefore prevent the onset of cavities. Rich in fluoride which strengthens enamel, green tea also partially destroys bacteria and helps fight bad breath.

Great for weight loss

During a diet, green tea is a particularly powerful ally. It usually takes 3 cups per day to for it to be effective. Green tea intervenes at several levels, it limits the absorption of fatty acids in the organs and facilitates digestion by balancing the intestinal flora.The bitterness in green tea naturally suppresses the urge to consume sugar. This action acts in two stages; with less sugar, consumption provides less pleasure. Then, the appetite decreases hence fighting off snacking becomes a lot easier. Other positive effects are notable green tea regulates the hormonal system and helps fight intestinal fungi. In addition, this drink has a detoxifying effect and purifies the liver.


Proven to prevent Alzheimers

Some studies have already recognised the effectiveness of green tea consumption against Alzheimer's disease. It is for this reason that it is included in various preventive treatments for the development of this disease. It constitutes additional protection against its progression. This property would be linked to the presence of catechins in tea. The caffeine in green tea is a brain stimulant, while containing less of it than coffee. It also contains L-theanine which, when combined with caffeine, can improve brain function.