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ZENS Tea Sets

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Posted on October 05 2020

Life can get tiring manoeuvring through the day, hardly allowing ourselves a breather. Stop, now close your eyes and take a deep breath, count to three and exhale slowly. What you need is to adopt a daily ritual that will help ease off all that tension while creating space and time for yourself. Tea drinking has been closely tied to spirituality and a meditative state of mind. Give yourself the gift of peace and tranquillity with Epitex’s new offerings in the form of ZENS contemporary tea sets.


ZENS, a world renown brand known for their clean minimalist designs, created a range of tea ware that is modern and practical in design; changing the way you drink tea for the better. A simpler lifestyle that will inspire you to take the time to relax and enjoy each moment.


3 different tea sets will be available on our website and our shops.


Pi Travel Cup


Combining quality and design, the Pi Travel Cup won the IF German Design Award in 2017. Made out of transparent glass, you will be able to witness the whole process of tea making. This beautiful tea set allows you to brew your tea to your own preference and enjoy it wherever you are. It comes with a stylish travel case that will provide protection against shocks. The Pi Travel Cup will become your loyal companion throughout the day giving you added comfort when needed.


Mobile Moon


Teatime is a perfect occasion to be shared with a loved one. This delicate brew allows you to relax and enjoy meaningful conversations. What if you could relish this shared moment anywhere? The Mobile Moon is a complete travel tea set for two persons. Inside the hard-shell travel case, you will find two double walled glasses and a tea pot with a stainless-steel infuser.


 Mini Moon


On a plane, in a park or at work, take a break from your rushing thoughts and appreciate the company of a friend. Tiny to fit into any bag or even a pocket, the Mini Moon tea set is the smallest one of the Mobile Moon collection. It includes a stainless-steel infuser, a glass teapot with two cups. A simple design with complete satisfaction!


Outdoor Tea set




This incredible tea set will enhance your home and bring tranquillity to your environment. When minimalism and elegance meets conviviality you know that you are in possession of something special. Composed of a ceramic teapot and 2 cups with rattan coasters, the Outdoor Tea Set is a must-have item for every household.